From idea to working solution

ASPECT LAB is an acceleration program for social tech-enabled projects. Totally unconventional and practice-based education.

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Do you see a problem that can be solved with your skills and knowledge?

Join us for a 12-week acceleration program to launch your social project.

We develop

Every week our experts share knowledge you use to build your project. They speak about vision, team culture, marketing, project management, and other important topics you must understand well in order to succeed.

we inspire

You will meet successful entrepreneurs, social enthusiasts, politicians, sportsmen, and other great achievers who will share their success principles and answer your questions.

we mentor

Your team will have a dedicated experienced mentor helping you to build and manage your project.

Our goal

We want to help tech-minded youth build solutions to social and environmental problems in Central Asia.

our projects

Diversity in teams.
Diversity in solutions.

Our teams work on ambitious projects. One of our teams is building a solution that brings transparency to charitable donations, making people more eager to help those in need. Another teams is making it easier for high-school children to find their true calling in tech. Our teams build digital sensors for the blind and university selection systems.

Taking part

Who this program is for?

To be accepted into the program you must have a team (2 - 5 people) and a defined problem you want to solve. You should have an idea for your solution and required skills to build it yourself.

Program results

What will you achieve in 12 weeks

You will obtain experience, knowledge, and contacts that will help you to move from idea to project implementation.

Crystal-clear view of the problem

You will define problem you are solving and focus your solution.

Maximize your productivity

You will enhance your own productivity and will learn to work more effectively.

Ready project

Your project will be ready for investors, grant programs, and competitions.

New contacts

You will expand your network and will find like-minded people to help you.

Time-bound project plan

You will develop a solid project plan to reach your goals.

Demo day

Tell the world about your project

The program ends with a special event where the teams present their projects to potential investors / funders. Every project will have a chance to get from $20,000 to $120,000.

Join our next Autumn 2018 acceleration and start changing our world today.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are "tech skills"?

It's your knowledge or experience related to technical fields. Programming, robotics, physics, chemistry, biology, and other sciences.

Can I join without a tech solution?

Sorry, but no. We believe that technologies are the driving force behind solutions that would not be possible otherwise.

How much time I need to spare?

6 - 8 hours every week on average. Plus your own project time.

Can I join remotely?

Participants are required to meet every week. So remotely is not an option.

Do I need to pay to participate?

If selected, it's absolutely free to participate.

How is it different from trainings or university education?

We equip you with tailored knowledge you can put into action immediately. Everything related to your project.

Will you invest into my project?

Not at the moment. But we will link you up with potential investors at the end of the program.

Do you take equity in my project?

No. It's 100% your project.