Everyone can be a hero.

We are helping people to deliver scalable impact through social entrepreneurship and technology by accelerating novel ideas that can make big impact.

How soon could we solve pressing social and environmental problems if we had 10x the number of people searching for solutions?

who we are & What we do

DEEP REPORT is a nonprofit organization aiming to turn young resourceful people into social entrepreneurs and leverage powers of technology for making positive contribution at a scale.

Our vision

We see a world where every person is motivated and capable of discovering new solutions to pressing social and environmental issues. We believe that social entrepreneurs are the new champions of sustainable future. We believe that motivation, vision and diverse experience can be combined into a powerful driving force. We believe that technological innovation can deliver results. With 10X effort we can solve social & environmental problems 10X faster.

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Here's how we do it.
Our approaches:

Broadening horizons

We introduce people to inspiring real cases of social projects in action.

Building networks & cooperation

We connect change-makers, technology experts, influencers, businesses, government, academia, funders, and other stakeholders.

Providing skills & tools

We equip people with practical skills and tools they need to build their own solutions.

Providing guidance and mentorship

We involve with industry professionals with life-long experience.

Promotion & awareness

We raise awareness, promote social entrepreneurship, and advocate use of technology in social projects.

Managing resources

We help allocate funds between projects with highest impact factor.

"My motivation for all my companies has been to be involved in something that I thought would have a significant impact on the world."
— Elon Musk, CEO of SpaceX & Tesla

What we believe in

Today education is everywhere. We learn as much from experiences, people, podcasts, blogs, and computer games, as we learn from formal education.

Nobody needs validation for starting anything good.

Talking, shaking hands, and building plans is never enough. To actually change something, there must be action behind every word.

Communication and creativity are driving forces for change.

Co-founder, Director

Serikzhan Atanov

Serikzhan is an entrepreneur and a water professional who lived and worked all across Kazakhstan. He has been working on projects in data science, flood forecasting, and food production. He was invited to UNESCO Youth Forum to help define development strategy. Serikzhan co-founded DEEP REPORT to teach young people about the powers of social entrepreneurship and inspire them to take action.


Nail Shakirzhanov

Nail is an entrepreneur with background in organization design, branding, and marketing. He co-founded several businesses and worked on projects in advertising, management consulting, agriculture, bio-fuels, and IT. Working on commercial greenhouse project he realized that high-tech indoor farming has potential to solve world food problems. He co-founded DEEP REPORT to help people build practical solutions to social and environmental problems by merging entrepreneurship and modern technologies.

Time for you to become a hero.
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Do you see a problem in the world you'd love to fix? Perhaps you just have an idea of how technology can help tackle pressing social and environmental issues? Let us help to turn your vision into a tangible project.

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Great expertise behind every project. Meet our advisers:

Pavel Krutskikh

PR expert, telecoms

Sanzhar Myrzagalym

Entrepreneur and Partner Technology Strategist at Microsoft Kazakhstan.

Dr. Barbara Janusz-Pawletta

UNESCO Chair Holder in Water Management in Central Asia
German-Kazakh University

Prof. Michael Walther

WWF  Public Sector Partnership Coordinator, director of MOLARE

Prof. Pablo Fernández de Arróyabe Hernáez

President-Elect of the International Society of Biometeorology (ISB), Director of GEOBIOMET I+D+i Research Group, Member of Future Earth and WCRP Spanish Committees

Rieks Bosch

International consultant on Integrated Natural resource management, working for entities as EU, WB, ADB, EBRD, UNDP, and others. Specialised in Circular Economy and Climate Change Adaptation in the field of Water, agriculture, energy, nature protection, transport, etc.